Some seconds of sun.

The light shines through the clouds and illuminates the trees. 15 seconds later it was gone.

Leaves are taking over the streets.

This morning was a typical dynamic autumn morning. Sometimes sunny, cloudy or windy but always surprising. So I had to get out, enjoying the weather and hoping to stay dry. Afterwards I was glad I made that decision and was grateful that I could take some atmosperic pictures.

Portus Ganda in early autumn.

The newly renovated marina of “Portus Ganda” is always a lovely place to start  the day. The harbour was covered with the soft light of the autumn sun. This building is called the “Van Eyck” and is the oldest indoor swimming pool of Flanders.

Update “about” page.

  Like this couple we are all waiting for the spring to breakthrough. No blossoms to photograph so today I took some time to update my “about” page.