Cycling along the river.



Yesterday i went for a short cycling trip following the river “De Schelde” in the direction of Heusden, Gentbrugge and as always nature gave me some little surprises.

I saw a beautiful “Peacock butterfly”. It was enjoying the last powerful sunrays and I was lucky and able to photograph it.


The borders of the river are covered with “Himalayan balsam” , an invasive plant that originates from the Himalayan mountains.



A plant that you also see a lot on the side of the river is “Binweed”.

In our language we call it ” Little piss-pot”



Dried teasels, ideal food for the “European Goldfinch”


A lot of flowers change into seeds and I always enjoy it to try to take a picture of them and play with the light.



Returning home on the other side of the river the sunset coloured the sky and another nice autumn day came to an end.

In the distance you can see  the church of Gentbrugge and behind a part of the skyline of Ghent.