My first aquarel.


A few weeks ago I was in Extremadura, Spain and had the idea to transform some of my pictures I photographed over there into digital paintings.

This scenery is situated at the borders of the charming “Embalse de las Covachillas” near the town of Malpartida De Plasencia.

If you are interested to read more about my trip to Extremadura you can read all about it and surf to



A new year and new opportunities.

Pano Wandeling Villareal de San Carlos

It’s exactly one year ago I have started with this photoblog.

I hope that you all enjoyed it so far.

Everybody looks different at the world but I tried to translate that single and unique moment into a touching image.

Another year has passed away and for the coming year I wish everybody inner beauty, happiness, positivity and a lot of amazing moments on the journey of life.

The picture above was taken in Extremadura, Spain.

An astonishing place I hope to visit this year again for the sixth time.