A new year and new opportunities.

Pano Wandeling Villareal de San Carlos

It’s exactly one year ago I have started with this photoblog.

I hope that you all enjoyed it so far.

Everybody looks different at the world but I tried to translate that single and unique moment into a touching image.

Another year has passed away and for the coming year I wish everybody inner beauty, happiness, positivity and a lot of amazing moments on the journey of life.

The picture above was taken in Extremadura, Spain.

An astonishing place I hope to visit this year again for the sixth time.

2 thoughts on “A new year and new opportunities.

  1. Doe ik zeker.

    Mooie foto’s van de streek zijn altijd plezant om te zien ;-).

    Doe zo voort!

  2. Very good blog with poetical photo’s;
    Excellent Koen;
    I wish you a lot of inspiration in 2004!


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