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  1. Yash Gehlot says:

    Amazing work all over the blog ! 🙂

    1. jumelleke says:

      Thanks very much.

  2. Beautiful and classy… I like your shots… 🙂
    Hey please visit my blog
    and leave some comments and advices to help me improve my skill. I would like to have your opinions so I can do better next time.. Thank you!

    1. jumelleke says:

      The most important thing when you are taking pictures is constantly looking around.
      When you see something suitable try to create a frame in your mind and then create that same image through your viewfinder.
      Take a lot of images and don’t hesitate to experiment.
      Select the best images and be strict when you select them.
      Succes and good luck.
      And thanks for the compliments.

      1. thank you for the advice… 🙂 I’ll try to do that…

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