2 thoughts on “Grave detail.

  1. I was looking for the burial-place of my grand-mother Pharaïlde Van Biesbroeck( born in Meulebeke 18 february 1885) in Campo Santo and was surprised by the symbolic of this hand with five children she really lost in very low ages: Maria-magdalena 14 months, Octave 9 months, Rachel 4 months, Julia 5 months and at last she lost her live by the ninth birth. She married in 1903 january 3 and died in 1916 juni 9 at the age of 31. Only four of her children stayed alive: George, Frans-Cyriel, André-Joseph and Jeanne. Probably she is now in funeral grave with her husband Pieter Léonard De Meese ( died in 1947) and his second wife Alice Ottevaere (died in 1945)?

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