Picture of the day.

Once and a while I will post some images recently photographed. This morning the landscape was covered with frost at the borders of the river “De Schelde” in  Destelbergen.

Every farm had it’s own friendly dog.

At each farm there was a dog who became our companion on the walks we made. Immediately there was a connection like we knew each other for years. Remarkable !

Sunset in the Burren.

A horse is posing in the evening light and with this view another day  comes to an end.

The Burren, Ireland

The first week we stayed at a farm on a little peninsula in the village Finnavarra,Burren, Country Clare. Almost every day we had sunshine. A silent and magical place and we enjoyed every moment from dusk till dawn.

Cemetery Kenmare, Ireland

  Again an image about a cemetery, this time in Kenmare, Ireland. From tomorrow on no graveyards anymore but the subject stays on Ireland. A country that we visited in the spring of 2008 and it is really as green and magnificent as they say with the pictures as evidence.

Pére Lachaise.

Last Friday i posted a few images of  “little Père Lachaise” in my neighbourhood but in 2007 I was in Paris at the “Big” Père Lachaise. It’s a cemetery were you can walk around all day but in the few hours I was there i managed to take some mood pictures.

Père Lachaise and cats.

At urban cemeteries there are always cats. I think they are attracted by the tranquility and the many spots where they can hide.